Tips on styling an off-the-shoulder Knitwear

The styles of Post-Millennials are nearly synonymous with casualness, comfort and Inclusivity. Generally speaking, they are followers of casual cool aesthetic, fans of hip hops /street art.. From London, Berlin, Paris to New York, the Generation Z are obsessed with cropped or baggy tops, oversize coats, cool jeans, sporty ensembles , colored or black leggings, loose-fit trousers, canvas shoes… among which, one of the most noteworthy spring/autumn outfits is the stylish hoodie or sweater. We may easily be drawn by the statement cutouts styled by the trendsetters or savvy fashionistas, either on the shoulder line, back panel, or midriff. The cool girls know exactly how to dress confidently and dynamically…
Retailers like Femme Luxe know perfectly what they need to keep their wardrobe up-to-date yet exclusive. To keep pace with the special girls’ aesthetic values and manners, especially to attract their eyes with outstanding designs, those shrewd ready-to-wear brands impressively dominate the stylish patterns in a youthful and smart way, as exemplified in their knitwear/sweater collections…

Molly wears a minimalist ,warm-colored, ribbed- knit sweater (comes in a great variety of autumn tones) . the colors of this pullover does inspire her days… “looked into your eyes and found my favourite colour “…

Molly is one of the childhoood “sweethearts”, with innocent and pretty look, she does possess a clever mind : her instagram page does reflect a smart way of dressing like a good girl.

As the sexy Tori quoted ” You’re not fully dressed until you sparkle.” This very fiery ribbed -knit middle-weight sweater, featuring a lowly-cut bateau neckline, does attract our attention.

Sacha casually styles a knitted crop top, revealing a sexy neckline and midriff and showcasing her innocent yet cool manner! “i remember times when they thought I was a joke ” … She does hold a positive way of living and always stays self-assured.

The naturally beautiful Amy posed in her favorite ribbed knit dress from Luxe Femme … she is quite dynamic both online and offline. Like most of the pretty girls from her generation, she is obsessed with selfie photography.

Eleanor is one of the most attractive Luxe Femme &The New Bra girls, whose elegant mono-chromatic make-up does distinguish her from girls of her age, who relatively appears maturer than other girls of 19- years- old. What is more, her soft, long blonde hair (which, most of the time, she prefers to leave it naturally flow) effortlessly elevates her feminine charm.
Pink, white, or any tenderly-colored crop tops or dresses are her preferences. As in this photo, she feels a touch of Barbie Vibe by wearing this drop-shoulder jumper, invisibly supported by The New Bra’s ‘Eco-Chic’ strapless bra .

This kind of youthful , free and smart looks can be achieved through a sophisticated strapless, backless, adhesive bra like the very unique ‘Eco-Chic’ invisible bra with The New Bra ‘s exclusive pure natural essential oils incorporated into the adhesive layer, the very scientific secret that eliminates the irritating pressure and takes your off-the-shoulder style to the next level…

LET’S TALK— What Make An Ideal Adhesive Bra?

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