Enjoy the moments of being your confident self— with an impeccable adhesive Bra

Enjoy the moments of being your confident self—

Experience The Sense of Ultimate Comfort and Insouciance With Eco-Chic Adhesive Bra 

In nowadays social sphere, it becomes trendy to share a more healthy lifestyle, enriched with nutritional menus, indoor exercises, outdoor activities, art performances…More and more women tend to explore the way to live their dynamic style, amidst of which, dancing has been one of the highly favored entertainments to those urban ladies, to whom, joy & aesthetics should co-exist. They know how to dress to impress and dance stylishly in their identical outfits… 

Some dazzle in dresses highlighted with shimmering textures or deco. Some step out classically with a statement design, or sophisticated attires, some show off their figure with body- flattering cuts: flashing their sexy cleavage in plunging , or strapless designs, or demonstrating their naked back with a backless styles.

Dancing in those “eccentric” designs makes the strapless bras a challenging job. Let’s discover the very desired fit & invisible support of an ideal strapless bra needed for dancing freely and confidently:

At times, even our fashion-savvy ladies may complain about (foam layered or pure silicon) strapless bras slipping down when dancing in the night clubs or formal/prival parties and leaving them tackless. 

We may experience similiar awkward moment like the stylist – Christina’s experiences dancing in her elegant red velvet dress, the kind of sophisticated party attire featuring a pleated sweetheart  bodice—- Yet, without a built-in bra  (a twisted or pleated bodice designed to naturally manifest the luxury & appeal of silk velvet), which is supported by one of the most popular pure silicon adhesive bra !  

Pure silicon sticky bra, soft- to- touch material, when being attached to our breasts, can offer us a natural and comfort fit, even can creat an “effect” of adding one to two cups more to our original size; However, due to its “gravity” (even if it’s made of highly qualified adhesives) and to the movements of uplifting arms, jumping or dancing, the strapless bra may easily slip, slide or fall. 

To resolve the female-centric problem of silicon strapless bra being heavy and easily losing adhesivity from sweating or inappropriate movements, we may think of going silicon-free and opt for an ultra lite, soft,smooth bra, made of natural materials,say, natural latex,  adhesive ingredients, haute-qualite, skin-friendly  natural oil -formulated adhesives, that helps dispeling the potential sweating. 

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