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May is the very cozy month for tourism worldwide! Many cities are basked in the promising sun  & the breezy touches of May, with full-grown foliage hinting the late greenery spring and the abundantly blooming tulips, azealias, magnolias, poenies heralding the arrival of  early colourful summer… The atmosphere of festivals is on the rise: Cannes International Film ( Festival de Cannes),Vienna Festival(Wiener Festwochen), Brighton-Festival, The 9th Annual California Roots Music and Arts Festival, Carnival of Cultures(Karneval der Kulturen), Tuplip Time Festival (Holland/Michigan), The International Garden Festival at the Château de Chaument in the Loire, Rochester Lilac Festival …

All the good vibes of May are featured on the globalized social communities:

Salzburg, the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart & other notable artists, is also famous for its well-preserved baroque architectures  and art & culture themed events, featured with the Salzburg Festival. The sumptuous Residence Square, splendid Residence Fountain and dignified  Getreidegasse street are frequently captured by the tourists. The appealing May weather and the city’s unique artistic temperament bring forward a urban style: dynamic, natural and positive:

* Sarah, a local young slender stylist,frequents a minimalist cotton top, either coming with or without tiny shoulder straps, featured with cropped midriff , paired with slim-fitting trousers & a cool blazer, through which her healthy, light figure is ultimately demonstrated. She adores The New Bra’s “Eco-Chic” strapless bra as a very practical and comfortable underneath essential for her simple strapless tops, her sophisticated way of styling black effortlessly impresses us, as showcased in the following image, where she surprises us with statement accessories: LV  Toiletry Pouch 26 Monogram Canvas Clutch, delicate gold-plated pendant, a pair of designer sunglasses and the fur slide slipper!

*Viktoria, another urban chic from Salzburg tends to favor a crop top, flaunting her sexy neckline and midriff , securely supported by Eco-Chic invisible bra, highlighted with the paired jean ensemble. The retro style does epitomizes the modern femininity.

While in a diverse city like Frankfurt, famous for both its exceptional historical significance and its charm & quality of life as an international financial center. Metropolis ladies, as that in pleasantly warm May in Frankfurt, dress diversely, in response to the multi-faced urban culture.

“Eco-Chic” strapless bra, turns to be a popular underneath item for the stylist bloggers like Leila,a Bosnian born girl who lives in Germany. In cloudy or sunny days in the Frankfurt or cities around, she will opt for a pair of feminine pants and classical off-the-shoulder shirt, under which, she wears the Eco-Chic strapless bra, giving the asymmetrically cut and folded neckline a perfect match, without showing a shoulder strap, while still keeping the bustline naturally contoured and pushed-up, as shown in the following post.  

Polina, a pretty Russian travel & fashion blogger, who frequently manifests her feminine figure with some carefully selected Retro-inspired pastel colored or floral sheath/swing dresses. As a top player in beauty & fashion styling , she would never miss a chance to show off her hourglass figure, even in a classic top and a pencil skirt or a pair of well cut jeans. Her instagram page is filled with a great variety of dresses or skirts,ranging from vintage inspired to modern cut pieces, admist which, one of her top rated backless dresses is recently featured on one photo taken during her trip in Germany, where she wears “Eco-Chic” backless bra to complete her sexy look.

Besides States like California and Nevada, NY, Texas has been one of the places where “Eco-Chic” gains high popularity. The fashionistas in Texas never fail to surprise us with their own iconic style. Their way of staying confident and frank is truly admirable.

Take the beauty stylist- Jessa as an example, she can be almost taken as one of the most fashionable mothers. Her confidence and independence could be taken as a life model. Open discussions about Sculptra treatments & her daughter are predominantly presented on her Instagram community. She seems to be a perfectionist, apart from her daily flawless makeup and skin-care treatments, she knows exactly how to style her own way of dressing to impress.

She is one of the ladies who is confident enough to present herself in bra, as a professional model, as evidenced in the following photo,where she wears Eco-Chic sticky bra. 

The New Bra’s Minimalist Approach to The Modern Bra Fashion

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