The New Bra’s Minimalist Approach to The Modern Bra Fashion

At The New Bra, the values of Aesthetics, Ergonomic, Sustainability, Innovations are well defined and upheld, as exemplified in its versatile, free, dynamic and chic design. Its exclusive Eco-Chic bra is conceived and realized for addressing the challenges in modern strapless bra industry.It reflects the desire for appeal, comfort, individuality  of modern fashionistas…Aesthetically, The New Bra adopts an attitude of minimalism…

Eco-Chic ‘s minimalism is sophisticatedly interpreted in the following ways:

• In terms of conception of materials, both quantitatively and qualitatively, the ultra light and flexible superfine spandex outer layer + exclusively formulated bio-viscose layer with scented essential oils, as alternative of thick and heavy silicon materials.

• Anatomically, the unnecessary part of nipple “pads” are eliminated, considering a more lasting adhesive performance & getting rid of ineffective part of conventional structure  (e.g. built-in nipple “pads” to the conventional foam and adhesive laminated silhouette bra or to the pure-silhouette bra, after repeated movements or sweating, the air will get in connecting area between “nipple” pad and the separated main textile, which may easily peel off , hereinafter, the bra can easily fall apart from the body), the reasonably structured freshly scented pure-plant adhesive part of Eco-Chic,as a skin-friendly cream/lotion , safely attached to the breasts and nipples, being sufficiently sticky yet without causing any discomfort to the nipples.  

• Its featured pastel color palette elevates the female charm, tenderness and grace

 Eco-Chic’s design reflects a minimalistic lifestyle that is timeless, healthy and youthful… 

Enjoy the moments of being your confident self— with an impeccable adhesive Bra
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