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Buoyed up by the mission to provide the global modern fashionistas with the very sophisticated invisible bra solutions that reflect the desires to be SECURED, HEALTHY, COMFORTABLE, FREE, STYLISH , The New Bra are committed to developing and making innovative strapless bras with comfy fit, secured support , healthy care, dynamic style. Due to the versalitility, flexibility & speciality,  The New Bra exclusively formulated adhesive bras are ergonomically designed and made to attach to your breasts in a personalized way. Bra fitting could be also customizable. You may opt for a size down for less coverage to achieve a more centralized cleavage, or a size up for more coverage to gain loose fit.

To simply choose the suitable strapless bra you desire from The New Bra, you may use the chart below to refine you fit based on the size you are currently wearing. If you usually fall between the cup sizes, find your current size and move up or down half a cup for a better fit.

It is also recommendable to refer to the Breasts Shape Chart for classifying your breasts and to review Fit problems and solutions for quickly finding the appropriate strapless bra .

Especially, when it comes to ADHESIVE BRA. fitting , besides comfy fit & lovely cleavage , there are more to be taken into consideration :

* Is your bra really healthy? Made of adhesive materials that are truly medical grade without causing any possibility of breast diseases ?

* Is your bra able to stick onto your skin tenderly yet safely for a full day , or evening , without need to worry about slagging, falling off despite of intense movements ?

* Is your bra really skin-friendly for 12 hours, or longer hours wearing, even with potential sweating, staying fresh , without causing any ador?

bra Size Chart

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